Static Website: Karinderya

According to Wikipedia (11/2023):

Carinderia (sometimes spelled as Karinderya) is a common type of eatery in the Philippines that serves affordable and locally-inspired dishes.
In San Antonio, Texas, it is a pop-up Filipino food truck. I designed and developed their 1-page static website with the Bootstrap 5 framework.

Tools & Platforms Used

  • Bootstrap 5
  • Template
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sublime Text
  • GitHub
  • iTerm CLI


Project date

Their opening week in August 2023.

My responsibilities

I designed and developed this website, in its entirety, with inspiration from provided logos, menu selections, and their back story as told by the owners.

Project Summary

The owners of this Karinderya pop-up food truck work normal 9-5 jobs - with one being in the navy - but both are Filipino-American citizens with a passion for food. Opening this restaurant has been a long process for them, so they just needed a simple website to advertise their menu, contact information, and marketing presence.

A little less than a week before their grand opening, I ended up creating this quickly with a free Bootstrap template as the frame for the site. I utilized some of the menu photos to create a low-frame count hero animation of their visually-appealing food offerings on the initial top page view.

The primary theme colors are a bright orange, red, and green color mix; they support the logo sets (not designed by me) and overall Pacific Islander / Philippine theme. I also registered their website with Google so they could be found via search engines.

The challenge

Previously, Karinderya in San Antonio, Texas, had an algorithmic presence on social media, but no website to speak of.

The owner was also experimenting with her menus and specials. This made it difficult to post up - and keep up - any sort of reliable, permanent menu. (This is totally normal for a new restaurant, but a challenge for their website.)


My solution is to give her a simple website with a basic “about” info display and contact information. It aligns with her logo and branding, while leaving the food truck hours and menu dependent on the third-party DoorDash website’s entries. The owners will update that on their side.

Full page view of the website


In less than a month after the site launch, it received 262 impressions and 55 total web search clicks. Google has rated its mobile usability as good. Karinderya’s Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook all link back to its website.

The owners and I are discussing future features they’d like to see on the website, and if we may want to expand it to a WordPress theme for more robust options in the future.

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