Note: I recently got married and am undergoing a name change - so any incongruity you see between "Rosson" and "Panem" on my documents or website is due to the limbo of the name change process.

I am an experienced coder specializing in front-end work, graphic design, and web development.

On the side, I enjoy other artistic endeavors. Currently, I'm working more on collage art and mixed media, but in the past I've done charaben bento, as well as oil pastel fine art. I also enjoy writing, reading, and physical postal letters; e.g. "snail mail".

I'm also HUGE on eating plant-based whenever possible. I'm an avid Pinterest DIYer - mostly for vegan and vegetarian recipes. In addition, I follow Dr. Greger media pretty obsessively.

Like the usual millenial, I'm pretty active on social media. Facebook is my only annoyance, though I have one for events and messaging. I've been a Yelp Elite member for 10 years now. I also review books on a wordpress blog. Reviews are a good tool to make experiences timeless, in my opinion.

My strengths include intense compassion and creativity. Further, I am able to work incredibly fast-paced when I'm familiar with the task. On that note, being efficient and organized is a high priority for me.

The intention of this site is to drum up some business in freelancing, and show my abilities for other related opportunities that may present themselves.